FOAM4GP Map – Do dizzy patients make your head spin?


image credit: Jun07DSC_0212 via free images (license)
image credit: Jun07DSC_0212 via free images(license)

Patients presenting to General Practice with dizziness are a significant challenge. Dizziness incorporates a wide range of possible causes varying from completely benign to instantaneously life threatening. Appropriate workup involves comprehensive history taking and examination skills followed by judicious use of appropriate investigations.

While a large proportion of patients are eagerly awaiting their MRI form to rule out the ‘obvious’ brain cancer they suddenly developed at 3pm that afternoon (you are seeing the patient at 3:30pm), we are all better doctors with more tools available to us (including the grey matter between our ears) than to have to rely on expensive tests to make (sometimes) simple diagnoses.

Ok. So what tools do we use? What is the evidence for them? And how good are we at it??

Lady_Face_clip_art_small Sandra is a 55yo F who presents to your clinic at 3:30pm significantly upset and anxious…

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