Follow the red carpet to FOAM4GP!




I assume you are new, perhaps logging on from our nation’s great RACGP national conference in Melbourne 2015. Come in, sit down. Let me show you around! Firstly, you may have noticed there was no admission fee. Pretty exciting huh! Also, there is no one selling you something, telling you to prescribe something, or wanting a piece of you in any way, shape or form.

Wander through our virtual stall you’ll see several education ‘maps’ and other articles. These are written by hard working Australian GPs (just like yourself) who see patients every day and get asked surprisingly the same questions that vex us all! Over there in the top right are some links to other supports such as our ‘guide to guidelines’ (a great place to lead our trainees looking for study material) and other links to great websites.image

Hear that helicopter? That is Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh)…

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One thought on “Follow the red carpet to FOAM4GP!

  1. Hello Ewen,

    The RACGP is currently conducting a national survey on the use of technology in Australian general practice. By having their say, participants will be contributing their experience and assisting the RACGP in understanding what systems are being used, future investment needed, and key technology challenges faced by general practice teams.

    Due to the high number of followers you have on Twitter and on this blog, I was wondering if you could share the survey link with your audience:

    Please feel free to contact me at or at @Gisele_OzHealth if you would like to discuss it further.

    With thanks,


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