Diagnostic health apps: coming soon to your smart phone.

There’s an app for that, user beware…another thoughtful blog from Justin Colemen.


illustration of latest smart phone isolated in white background.

In case you missed the news, last week saw the launch of the smartest medical investigation tool in the world. Or, if not that, then at least last week’s biggest health claim in the world.

Ada, a smart phone app designed in Europe but yet to be launched there, is being tested on New Zealanders and Australians first. The makers suggest it is more than just an app (not a literal claim – it is indeed an app), and instead describe their product as a virtual companion.

The underlying concept is clever. This app is the first to tackle health diagnosis on such a grand scale, and its market penetration will be closely watched by Google, Facebook and perhaps startup companies hoping to access a portion of the trillions spent by US medical insurers.

Everything about its design is big, from the team involved (said to include a hundred doctors)…

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