Important reflections on Re-validation of Doctors

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Philosopher David Hume, in his book “A Treatise of Human Nature” describes how hard it is to derive ought directly from is – that is, how tricky it is to logically demonstrate why things should be done in a certain way.  This is often referred to as “Hume’s Guillotine” as a way to demonstrate the severance of “is” statements from “ought” statements.

Now as you would all be aware, AHPRA is in the process of arguing that we (doctors) all should (in fact, be forced to) undergo revalidation on a regular basis. This entails going from the “is“ (concerns about medical practice) to the “ought“ (you must practice in a set way).

In this article I would like to critique AHPRA’s plan and show how the logic behind revalidation fails the “is” to “ought” argument (and thus validates Mr. Hume).

What are the reasons why AHPRA is wanting to force…

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