Coffee – safe even if your heart is a bit dicky

I might have an extra Soy Latte on the strength of this research. Thanks Justin.


heart-coffee Heart smart latte

Coffee drinkers with heart issues can breathe a sigh of relief. A new study shows coffee is safe for people at risk of arrhythmias, even if they have heart failure and are wearing a pacemaker.

It seems intuitive that caffeine intake should be limited or prohibited in patients with heart disease. No-one wants to die with a latte in their hand. On the other hand, for a coffee drinker, the idea of facing a lifetime of coffee-free mornings might seem more unpalatable than risking sudden death.

The beautiful news from this well-designed study from Brazil (where they know their coffee) is that this risk is non-existent after all. The heart keeps ticking along just fine, even as the morning fog clears.

The background

Evidence prior to this study had not shown that coffee was risky, but nor was there proof it was safe.

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