The Sick System -Survival or Greed ?

Dr Thinus' musings

A recent excellent article in The Australian (See text below) highlighted the longstanding issues in our health system that are gnawing away at it like termites and will lead to the system imploding of we do not act.

The article identifies two main areas of concern the first being rorting of Medicare within General Practice. This is off course the more glamorous eye catching component and there are indeed spectacular examples as raised in the article. Things should be however placed in context – the Professional Service Review Investigations and findings involves less than 1 % of the General Practice work force in Australia. To attempt to extrapolate the overcharging of $187, 000 (average) by the 200 odd rogue practitioners to the over 30,000 other GPs out there is ridiculous – especially since the average fulltime GP’s net taxable income is  around $ 180,000 or less.

There is no…

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