When bicycles & biros are needed. Not Porsches & Parkers

Dr Thinus' musings

Another concerning story about the deeply flawed NDIS system recently surfaced.

Over $ 400, 000 for one individual. And he is worse off.

I have posted my views about the NDIS before. It is a deeply flawed scheme. This unfortunate man now has $400K in funding yet his care deteriorates.

Despite all the rhetoric about patient choices etc. it is simply one massive money grab for ruthless entrepreneurs who sees it as easy money.
The most frightening aspect as that all the State & Federal services that used to provide theses services are now shut down with list skills & facilities.  There is nothing to go back to when the NDIS runs out of funds – as if surely will.

We are used to seeing media storms about privatisation in healthcare and education. The sentiment against it is a valid concern for the viability of the process and exploitation of…

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