Dear President-elect

Dear President-elect;

From experience and observation of 10 years on Medical Politics:

– You may have an opinion on things, however, others do too and they may hold the purse strings, the governance, or the power over you.

– They may in fact not give a fig for what you have to say… no matter how entitled you might be to say it on behalf of yourself or your members…

– You might want to be a champion and a legend, be the one who crushed the opposition, making them listen, creating benefit and change for your own advantage and that of your peers (see above)

– Others have tried, with more or less success than you will have. They were no less intelligent and possible more so, they have the same human failings, the same passion, and drive. Reflect on that when talking about their legacies.

– You are one voice amongst many, and some at this point in time hold sway because of the body politic, fashion, expediency, necessity, or because the mood of the nation, the media, and others support them for their own purposes and ends.

– Your Ego will take a bruising; you do not have a magical gift that members expect you to have. Your members have short memories, they can be caustic and unfair in their criticisms; someone should share your journey it is lonely. (See being a legend above and reflect on your campaign speech.)

– Many of your victories will be Pyrrhic. They will be supported only where it benefits others, and certainly, they are not your friends.

– Some of your potential Victories will damage others and have perverse outcomes that damage the profession. Seek advice, take time, and think ahead to the future, there is enough room for more voices than yours.

– Reflect on your biases, your culture and heritage, your place, and how it shapes your views. We are not one, we are remote, rural, regional, urban, we are first nations people, we are escaping ravages of our homes, we are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, we have loans, we are young, we are old, our life is not yours. You will have to speak for us all…

– Your remarks and reflections will be used by the media for their own ends, be prepared to defend them, or be silent.

– Being Pugnacious or Strident no longer cuts it…

– Headlines today, are tomorrows Fish & Chip paper, they will be forgotten… except as clickbait by Social media.

– Be kind to yourself, be kind to others including your “opposition” for we are all brothers and sisters to an honored profession, never forget that.

– There will be a cost… Are you prepared to expend a significant amount your time, your energy, your passion, your drive, your love, your income, your relationships to a role that may not meet the measure of your aspirations for it?

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